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Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) was created by Jim Humble, an aerospace and mining engineer who has been credited with scores of worldwide accomplishments but none so humanitarian as the product of MMS that was literally stumbled upon as an alternative to watching people die. In 1996 deep within the forests of South America, certain members of Humble's mining group came down with malaria and he had to do something quick.

This formula, not sold for the sole purpose of profit, is easily made out of two common ingredients.  The fact that the research has been done, the experiments conducted and recommended doses have been determined, seems to turn a lot of people off.  Why?  Human nature tends to create doubt regarding anything new and different.  For example, the disease of scurvy used to claim thousands of lives each year because we didn't know what caused it.
We did find out, however, that if we ate citrus fruits and certain vegetables, the disease became all but extinct.  Until this concept was widespread though, if someone told you to eat an orange and you would feel better, you would have thought of them as crazy.  So it is with MMS.

The concept of Miracle Mineral Supplement is really very simple.  The active ingredient of chlorine dioxide and a citric acid activator, such as a fresh lemon, mixed with distilled water, causes a reaction that detoxifies the body by targeting elements that are acidic in nature.  Unhealthy tissues caused by bacteria and toxins are immediately attacked and the pathogens neutralized.
Healthy cells and tissues are bypassed completely.  This seems simple enough to understand and believe; maybe that is why most people don't.  When a large drug or healthcare manufacturer decides to put this in pill form and has the FDA seal of approval, this simple, natural treatment for almost any disease will probably sell for $200.00 a bottle.

There is no cost for reading the studies of Jim Humble.  Simply go to his website and download all of the material.  A seventy-five minute interview with this amazing man and his dedicated work in third world countries can even be viewed.  Unfortunately, most people like to bypass the research and studies associated with learning the truth and follow the crowd.
Hopefully, you will find the time to spend in discovering a natural way that has saved thousands of lives from malaria, cancer, AIDS and many other medically dabbed, incurable diseases.

If you would like to find out for yourself if MMS is everything that studies have proven, you can order a premixed bottle (about a year's supply) for $20.

Project Camelot interviews Jim Humble, the man behind MMS: Mineral Mineral Supplement Sasbachwalden, Germany, November 2008

MMS can be used to cure hepatitis, malaria and many other diseases and although known to be controversial due to the FDA ban, it is infact used in foods! Som... Video Rating: 4 / 5


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